Jan Paul Mioulet

Jan Paul has been an independent photographer since 1994. He has dealt with many forms of photography, from portrait to sports, from wedding photography to advertising work . He has been specialized in architectural photography for almost fifteen years. He is one of the founders of DAPh, the Dutch Architectural Photographers, a collective of some of the best Dutch architecture photographers. From 2010 to 2014 he was editor-in-chief of PF, Professional Photography, the magazine for the Dutch and Flemish professional photographer. In addition to his photography, he also writes for PF and CameraStuffReview about technology and all sorts of special facts about photography and cameras.


Jop Steenhof de Jong:

Photography has been my hobby for many years. For me it is about the pleasure of creating. I like to thoroughly research topics and share that knowledge again. After having enjoyed contributions to CameraMagazine for many years, I am now testing CameraStuffReview with at least as much pleasure.

Ivo Freriks:

With CameraStuffReview I hope to make a modest contribution to the pleasure that you experience in photography. By comparing cameras and lenses in the same way and each time by listing the pros and cons, I hope to help you find the right camera or lens.