Canon lenses on micro-43 with AF

New Metabones EF to micro-43 adapter with AF

A number of weeks ago, we published a review of the Metabones Speedbooster S, with which you can use Canon EF lenses on a Panasonic or Olympus OM-D camera. With the adapter, the crop-factor becomes 1.4 instead of 2 and the brightness increases by a full stop (f/4 becomes f/2.8). Usually, the image quality deteriorates a bit with the use of an adapter, but—in theory—that is not the case with a focal reducer like the Metabones Speedbooster. It depends on the brightness and the entrance pupil of the lens that you use and the quality of the lens design and the glass types that are applied in the Metabones Speedbooster. With a bright lens (. 

Kipon & Metabones Speedbooster review

We coupled a Canon 150-600 mm Contemporary with a Metabones Speedbooster S to a Panasonic GH4 and compared the image quality of practice shots with shots made with the Sigma 150-600 mm Contemporary on a Canon 5D MK2. Below you can see 100% image excerpts from shots made with the Canon 5D MK2 at 600 mm f/11, compared with the Panasonic GH4 at 280 mm f/5.6 and 425 mm f/4 (EXIF info; in reality: f/4.5). 

 Metabones Speedbooster AF review: full frame vs micro-43Thanks to the 2x crop factor on a micro-43 camera, you can makes shots with the Metabones Speedbooster with a field of view that corresponds to an 840 mm lens on a camera with a full-frame sensor. The brightness is then f/4.5. That is not achievable with the Canon 5D MK2.

Kipon AF adapter for micro-43

Kipon AF adapter voor micro-43A less expensive solution for using Canon EF lenses on a Panasonic camera while retaining AF is a Kipon adapter, which was recently released. This Kipon AF adapter does not fit on an Olympus OM-D EM1 (but it does fit on an OLYMPUS OM-D E-M5 Mark II) camera. AF with Canon EF lenses on a Panasonic camera is lightning fast. On YouTube SHOTENKOBO has placed multiple videos, including a video to illustrate the function of the image stabilization when using the adapter. Below you see first video from his series, so that you can see the AF speed.

A less expensive solution does not necessarily have to result in poorer image quality. We took pictures with the Sigma 150-600 mm Contemporary on a Canon 5D MK2 and compared those with shots made with the Sigma 150-600 mm C with a Kipon adapter on a Panasonic GH4. If you use the 4K video or the 4K photo mode of the Panasonic cameras, then you get an 8-megapixel shot with a brightness of f/6.3 and a field of view that corresponds with a 1500m lens on a camera with a full-frame sensor! When you limi the output to Full HD, the filed of view is equivalent to a 3000 mm lens on a camera with a full frame sensor.

Kipon4KpansonicSigma700pxClick on the illustration for a larger version. Direct comparison of the image quality of the shots made with the Kipon adapter and the Canon 5D MK2 also shows how good the results from the Sigma 150-600 mm Contemporary with a Kipon adapter on a Panasonic GH4 are. All shots are made under not-very favorable atmospheric conditions, and you can also consider the photos that we publish here as a worst-case scenario. The image quality that the Sigma 150-600 mm Contemporary delivers on a micro-43 camera with a Kipon or Metabones is very good. In better weather, you might expect an even better image quality and in any case a bit more contrast and more cheerful colors. 


Metabones AF from firmware update


Do you have a Metabones Speedbooster for Canon EF lenses on a Panasonic camera? Carry out the firmware update and you also have AF.

Do you already have a Panasonic camera and a Metabones Speedbooster and are considering purchasing the new version because it has AF, and the old one doesn’t? There are firmware updates available for both Windows and Mac for the old Canon EF micro-43 Metabones Speedboosters. After carrying out the firmware update, you also have AF on a Panasonic camera with the older versions of the Metabones Speedbooster. I tested it with a Canon EF 70-200 mm f/2.8 MK2 on a Panasonic GH4. AF is not as fast as an original Panasonic or Olympus lens and is a bit less fast than with the Kipon adapter, but it is certainly not slow.
The two old Metabones Speedboosters are now listed on the Metabones website as discontinued. Certainly for owners of an Olympus OM-D camera who want to have a Metabones Speedbooster, hurry to buy a Metabones Speedbooster S, as long as they are still in stock. The new Speedbooster is only suitable for Panasonic cameras.


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