Camera reviews

Scores in these tables are given for several image quality properties: Resolution (Resol), Noise, Dynamic Range (D. R.), Colour accuracy and white balance (WB). Overall scores, scores for unedited RAW files and in-camera jpg files are shown in separate tables. The higher the score, the better the performance.  Scores are adjusted every time a new camera is added, in such a way that the best available camera scores a 9.9. The scores of an individual camera will, thus decrease in time, as ever better cameras appear on the market. The performance of a camera, certainly resolution, will also be determined by the lens used in the review. In the individual reviews you can find which specific lens has been used in the camera review.


Overall scores

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 Camera   Score   Sensor   Resol.   D.R.   Noise   WB   Colour   Date 
Nikon D8509.9FF9.
Sony A7R29.8FF9.
Canon 5D mk49.3FF8.
Nikon D8109.3FF8.
Sony A7R8.8FF8.
Nikon D800E8.8FF8.
Sony A7S28.3FF7.
Nikon D5008.3APSC7.
Nikon D4S8.3FF7.
Sony A 63008.3APSC7.
Nikon D75008.3APSC7.
Nikon D52008.3APSC7.
Nikon D72008.3APSC7.
Nikon D71008.3APSC7.
Nikon D6108.3FF7.
Nikon D55008.3APSC7.
Nikon D6008.3FF7.
Olympus OM-D E-M1 mk28.3M438.
Nikon D58.3FF7.
Fujifilm Finepix X-E18.3APSC7.
Samsung NX5008.3APSC8.
Nikon D53007.8APSC7.
Samsung NX18.3APSC8.
Canon 5DsR8.3FF9.
Canon 5Ds8.3FF9.
Panasonic G807.8M437.
Nikon D34007.8APSC7.
Nikon D7507.8FF6.
Nikon D56007.8APSC7.
Canon EOS M57.8APSC7.
Nikon D70007.8APSC7.
Canon 80D7.8APSC7.
Panasonic GH57.8M438.
Nikon D32007.8APSC7.
Nikon D33007.8APSC7.
Canon 1D X7.8FF7.
Canon 6D7.8FF7.
Canon 6D mk27.8FF7.
Olympus PEN-F7.8M437.
Canon 5D MK37.8FF7.
Samsung galaxy NX7.3APSC6.
Olympus OM-D E-M10 mk27.3M436.
Olympus OM-D E-M10 mk37.3M436.
Nikon Df7.3FF6.
Nikon D51007.3APSC6.
Olympus OM-D EM-17.3M437.
Panasonic GM57.3M436.
Panasonic G77.3M436.
Canon 77D7.3APSC7.
Panasonic GF77.3M436.
Panasonic GH47.3M437.
Olympus OM-D E-M5 mk27.3M437.
Nikon D700 7.3FF6.
Sony A587.3APSC7.
Panasonic GX807.3M437.
Samsung NX3007.3APSC7.
Canon 7D Mk27.3APSC7.
Olympus OM-D E-M107.3M436.
Nikon D3x7.3FF6.
Samsung NX307.3APSC7.
Panasonic GH37.3M436.
Nikon 1 J57.3CX8.
Canon 760D7.3APSC7.
Canon 750D7.3APSC7.
Canon 5D MK27.3FF7.
Samsung NX 10007.3APSC7.
Panasonic GX76.8M436.
Olympus OM-D EM-56.8M437.
Sony A776.8APSC6.
Panasonic FZ10006.8CX6.
Canon M106.8APSC6.
Samsung NX33006.8APSC7.
Panasonic GM16.8M436.
Canon 600D6.8APSC6.
Canon 100D6.8APSC6.
Panasonic GX86.8M436.
Canon 70D6.8APSC7.
Nikon J26.8CX6.
Canon 1200D6.8APSC6.
Canon 1300D6.8APSC7.
Canon 7D6.3APSC6.
Canon 60D6.3APSC6.
Canon 1100D6.3APSC6.
Nikon J16.3CX6.
Panasonic G56.3M436.
Canon 650D6.3APSC6.
Nikon V26.3CX7.
Canon 700D6.8APSC6.
Panasonic GX16.3M436.
Nikon J36.3CX7.
Panasonic GH26.3M436.
Panasonic G36.3M436.
Nikon V36.3CX6.
Nikon V15.8CX6.
Panasonic LX 100M43-2015-01-05
Panasonic FZ2000-CX-----2017-05-08
Panasonic LX15-CX-----2016-12-16
Fujifilm XT-2-APSC-----2016-11-10
Fujifilm X Pro-2-APSC-----2016-11-10