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My ideal photo bag is filled with a bright 24mm and 85 mm lens, a telephoto zoom and a super wide-angle zoom. When I return from vacation, it's the super wide angle that I used most when making my holiday snaps. I have also tried to complement the set of 24 and 85 mm fixed focal lengths with a 14 mm lens. It doesn't work as well for me. Too often, I wanted to zoom in when I had the 14mm on it or zoom out when the 24mm lens was on the camera.

PPhoto 14 18 a017 vertical HD

Sony FE: Super wideangle zoom lenses (full frame)

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Superwide angle zoom lenses for Sony E

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With a wide-angle zoom lens, you can create impressive (urban) landscapes, but they are also ideal for interior shots. It seems to be a trend that ever-lighter versions of these kilometer-killers are appearing among the zoom lenses. That's certainly a welcome addition for interior photographers. Fans of sharp corners now only need to stop down to f/4 (on cameras with a micro-43 sensor) or f/5.6 (on cameras with an APS-C or full-frame sensor) for sharp corners, thanks to that extra stop of brightness.


With or without lens corrections?

Lens manufacturers design lenses in which distortion, color separation and vignetting are not optimally corrected. They assume that lens errors will be automatically corrected in the camera (for jpg files) or afterwards in Lightroom or Photoshop (for RAW files). The advantage of this choice, for manufacturer and consumer, is that you can achieve high image quality at relatively low costs, because you do not have to use expensive types of glass to prevent all lens errors. But there are also, usually the more expensive, lenses where a manufacturer has gone to extremes to prevent lens errors in the lens design. CameraStuffReview shows tables and graphs of Imatest results with lens corrections ("in-camera jpg") and without lens corrections ("RAW" outside of Photoshop or Lightroom). You can thus use the scores that are closest to your workflow.

Standaard zoom
50 mm
Beste Macro or Fisheye
35 mm
24 mm

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