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Canon 650D


For some time there were rumors on the internet about the Canon 650D. But the basic question was: "Does Canon skip the mirror?" and a minor question was: "How many pixels does the sensor have?" But right now we know much about the new Canon 650D. Initially it seems no more than a warmed-up Canon 600D. After all, both cameras use an 18 MP image sensor and on the outside you can't see much difference. The difference between the Canon 650D and the Canon 600D, however, is much larger than the difference between the Canon 600D and the Canon 550D. 

Canon 650D, test Canon 650D

The main differences at a glance:

  • Newly developed 18 MP image sensor. Unlike Nikon and Sony, Canon has not increased the number of pixels. 18 MP is more than enough for many applications and a lower number of pixels may cause lower noise at high ISO. The image processing is now done by the same processor used in more expensive Canon models. The sensitivity range is extended to 25,600 ISO
  • Touch-screen. The Canon 650D is the first Canon DSLR with touch-screen where you not only can touch but also can swipe. All picture settings can be set very quickly in this way and it's just like you use your smartphone 
  • Auto focus system. The AF system has been further improved for photography and still is a 9 point AF system. In addition, a new Hybrid AF system for continuous auto focus when using live view and shooting in video mode. Unique is that the AF system uses both phase detection and contrast detection. The other Canon DSLR camera's with video mode don't have the possibility of auto focus while you make a video. 
  • Higher frame rate. The 600D has a frame rate of nearly 4 images per second, this is increased to 5

Shortly, the Canon 650D is a new camera when you look at the controls and the AF system. We hope we can review a Canon 650D soon. And we really like to know when Canon will come out with a camera without a mirror.

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