Which lens reviews are new on the internet?

Especially for the readers of Camera Stuff Review, we keep a record of the lens reviews that have appeared out there on other websites. Because more reviews appear every day than it's possible to read, we select for you the most interesting lens tests that we encounter. It's a running overview that, for example, once a month you can consult to see if an interesting review has appeared on a site other than CameraStuffReview. At the bottom of the page with the overview of lens reviews, you can browse for older reviews. H-NS043E
Ivo Freriks
Author: Ivo Freriks
With Camera Review Stuff I hope to make a modest contribution to the pleasure that you get from photography. By testing cameras and lenses in the same way, evluating the results and weighing up the pros and cons, I hope to help you find the right camera or lens.

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